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In 2010 we started with the goal of making bean to bar chocolate a reality as part of a group of cocoa farmers in Gran Couva. In the 5 years that followed other local chocolate makers fell under the spell of the Gran Couva cocoa bean.  We at Delft cannot help but feel pride at the determination of our local entrepreneurial spirit that has now taken hold and continues to grow this fledgling industry.

Now in 2016, we feel it is our duty to make chocolate bean to bar accessible for the wider community. Over the years, we have had requests from other farmers in Trinidad and even across the region to produce chocolate from their own cocoa beans. Thanks to an upgrade in processing capacity we are now able to offer this and other services to small farmers and others for whom micro-scale bean to bar chocolate processing would be unfeasible.

Please feel free to browse our services page where you can also send us your inquiries and request a free quote.

Thanks to all our followers for the dedicated support both on social media and out in the real world for an incredible 5 years --- We’re looking forward to a great 2016! 
Delft Cocoa Plantations
Location: Brasso Venado, Trinidad
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Pick up Location: Jenny's Frozen Delights,
Macbean, Couva. Trinidad

Contact the Montserrat Cocoa Farmers Association here.

Completing the Chocolate Chain
Belgian Chocolatiers Julie Vanborm and Chocolate Ambassador Chef Bart Van Cauwenberghe of De Zwarte Vos, meet the real cocoa men of Montserrat Cocoa Farmers Co-op (from left Mr. De Verteuil, Chef Bart, Julie, Co-op President Mr. Leesam, Co-op Manager Rajeev) and visit the source of the Montserrat Hills Single Domain Chocolate presented at our first Chocolate Event in Trinidad, July 9th 2011.
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