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The New York Times - Travel 
by Baz Dresinger
Published: November 9, 2012
The next morning I landed in another world. “Welcome to Gran Couva — Home of Fine Flavor Cocoa,” read the humble sign for one of the world’s most feted cocoa fields, in the Montserrat Hills region of central Trinidad. I had driven 15 minutes from the sprawl of Port of Spain before green erupted everywhere: rolling hills, quaint plant shops, iguanas scurrying across the road.Pulling into a driveway, past a green gate, I was greeted by a host of butterflies, thundering squawks from a caged macaw and the outstretched hand of Lesley-Ann Jurawan, owner of Violetta Fine Chocolates and Delft Cocoa Estate in Gran Couva. [read more]

UWI Today - April 2012

Chocolate. Many of us simply need to see the word and we can taste it… thick, smooth, creamy. Perhaps you prefer yours richer and darker, maybe sweeter, whatever your fancy, while you’re nibbling or sipping away, you couldn’t be less concerned with where it started. No. Not in Mr. Cadbury’s Birmingham chocolate factory. Right here in Trinidad and Tobago’s cocoa fields. [read more...]

© TnT Mirror By Online Editor - October 21st 2011 8:42 AM
... The CRU saw World Cocoa and Chocolate Day, internationally recognised each year on October 1st, as the perfect opportunity to showcase its research to the Campus community in the form of an exhibition...
...The event featured a number of cocoa and chocolate producers who rely on the expertise of the CRU in creating their products. These included Cocoabel, Exotic Caribbean Mountain Pride, Delft Cocoa Plantations, Tobago Cocoa Estate WI Ltd, Gina’s Hand Made truffles and Cacao Atlanta. ...
Our event 
was a huge success and we thank members of the media for their brilliant coverage.

A chocolate lesson by Chef Bart Thursday, July 21 2011 .© - 
On the heels of the Cocoa and Coffee Industry Board (CCIB) Bonus Cheque distribution on July 8, Delft Cocoa Plantations hosted a chocolate making workshop at the Trinidad and Tobago Hospitality and Tourism Institute in Chaguaramas.Owner of Delft Cocoa Plantations, Lesley-Ann Jurawan shared her passion for the chocolate industry in the hope the younger generation will revitalise the art form of chocolate making in Trinidad and Tobago.  Read full story...
‘People key in reviving T&T cocoa industry’ Trinidad Guardian
Published:  Sun, 2011-07-10 21:02
Sean Nero  
Food Production Minister Vasant Bharath, centre, pays close attention to chocolatier Lesley-Ann Jurawan of Delft Cocoa Plantations Ltd, as she communicates the chocolate-making process using locally produced cocoa, while Belgian world chocolate ambassador Chef Bart Van Cauwenberghe, looks on. Occasion was yesterday’s chocolate tasting and seminar hosted by Delft Cocoa Plantations and held at the TTHTI, Chaguaramas. PHOTO: SEAN NERO
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CHEF BART on CNC3: Let's Talk Tobago. Air date: July 17th 2011
For the record, it's Chef Bart and Lesley-Ann Jurawan... not Chef Bart van or Leslie-Ann Duran :D
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Delft Cocoa Plantations and Belgian Chocolate Ambassador Chef Bart Van Cauwenberghe
Belgian Chocolate Ambassador Chef Bart Van Cauwenberghe captivates the audience as part of Delft Cocoa Plantations' efforts to revitalize the Trinidad and Tobago fine/flavour cocoa industry.
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